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What is PlayThru?

PlayThru is an easy online tool for educators/tutors to turn their lessons into an engaging learning experience.

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What are the benefits?




  • Exploratory gameplay and story

  • More motivated to learn and engage

  • Retain more information.

  • Instant feedback 

  • Personalisable learning experience 

  • Utilising a medium that learners already enjoy

  • Fuss-free setup enabling easy edits and delivery

  • A time-saving way to create lessons 

  • Intuitive easy to read lesson reports 

  • Straight forward engagement data reports 

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Who is it for?

PlayThru is useful for teaching any subject or curriculum level but our current version is ideally suited to 9 -13 years 

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Where can I use this?

Online or in person, just need a web browser and an internet connection. It's ideal for in-person classrooms, hybrid settings or remote learning. 

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How can I get started?

We are expected to release our BETA version in summer 2023, register for early access here.

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